Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day One. . .

November 2, 2008 -- our blog starts today which just happens to be one of the longest days of my life. Today is the first day after we set our clocks back an hour. Which for some people means they gain and hour of sleep and others it means that the bars are open an extra hour. For me, it just meant that the kids would wake up an hour earlier and behave as if they have been taken over by demons the entire day. I should back up to give some history. . .

Larry and I (Megan) were married April 20, 2002. Shortly after we married we had a son, Gavin Drake born May 1, 2004. Seventeen months later we welcomed our daughter, Rachael McKenna born October 11, 2005 in to the world. The kids are currently 4 and 3 years old. . .and our lives have never been the same. Each day is something new, exciting, surprising, hilarious and even unbelievable. It's hard to imagine how we would spend our time without these two to keep us busy.

In the past year Gavin has done gymnastics, t-ball and now is on his first soccer team. He scored his very first goal on Saturday and we were SO proud. . .he was too! His papa and nana each promised him $5 if he were to score a goal. He walked off the field after his quarter was over and promptly asked for his $5 from each person! He had already planned to buy a costume with the money--he loves to dress up! We went to the store today with the intention of buying a pilot costume but he ended up with an Army man costume. He has been wearing it all afternoon.

Rachael is now in dance. She does tap, ballet and gymnastics during each class. She loves to demonstrate her skills to anyone who will watch. Maybe they will both be performers of some sort.

To get us started. . .here are a few photos from recently:

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